Game Desgin Document

Monster UniRig Racing


In the near future a massive alien cargo/mining vessel crash lands on Earth in the coal mining district of New South Wales.

Government Scientists and the Military attend the crash site, and find that was a fully automated ship and they quickly spirited away any advanced technology they found.

The broken hold reveals a discovery too big to hide though – Megatons of Enerore (N’ErOr). A unique mineral that has the capacity to absorb and store fantastic amounts of energy.

For example, One cubic centimetre can power a smartphone for its lifetime without external charging.

The contract for the removal of the ore is awarded to the local mining operations and they begin a multi-year salvage job. About half of the ore fused with the surrounding ground on impact so, open cut mining techniques were used to recover the precious mineral. Eventually, virtually all of the ore was recovered and the site now lays abandoned.

Many years later four bored but resourceful teenagers stumble upon, amongst the twisted wreckage, a section of ship untouched by the Reclaimers[1].

What the group find are four sets of large, dimly glowing rings, about 3.5 meters in diameter and 10cm thick.  They discover by accident and experimentation, that when the different ring pairs are brought close enough together they start spinning and when the rings are rotationally offset by a little, their gyroscopic centre changes slightly[2].

They decide to build four ‘Monster Truck’ like UniRigs out of the mining equipment littered about crash site and construct a racing circuit inside the crater.

 The insect population inside the crater has been mutated by feeding on remnants of the ore causing their exoskeletons to soften and enlarge. The four discover, to their delight, that when they run over these bugs it provides an instant boost to their UniRig’s speed.


[1] So called because after an analysis of the flight logs it was discovered that the ship had been mining our solar system’s asteroids.

[2] It is later speculated that the rings were the independent drive motors for an asteroid drilling rig. They also appear to draw power from the Earth’s magnetic field. It is further speculated that a miscalculation of the strength of this field, activated the rig, grinding a hole in the side of the ship and causing it to crash.

The Dominator

Made from a single 4m high Michelin 59/80R63 XDR Haul Truck Tire. Every second centre tread is removed to provide high speed visibility.



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